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     Taian Dingxin Cooler Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is a professional manufacturer of internal combustion engine radiators integrating scientific research, development, design, manufacture, sales and service. It mainly produces three series of 48 horsepower to 420 horsepower. More than 300 types of cooling system products for heavy commercial vehicles, including intercoolers, copper radiators, aluminum radiators, construction machinery radiators, automotive air conditioning accessories, aluminum oil radiators, steel oil coolers, etc. .

      The company is located at the foot of Mount Tai in the first of the Five Sacred Mountains. It is located in Dawenkou Gypsum Industrial Park, Daiyue District, Tai'an City, Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (High-speed Railway) and 104 National Highway in the east. The transportation is convenient. The factory covers an area of 33,333 square meters (about 50 acres) and a building area of 18,000 square meters. The company was rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center", "Taian City Innovative Enterprise", "Shandong Province Entrepreneurial Model Enterprise", "Tai'an Advanced Private Enterprise", "Shandong Province Contract Honorary titles such as “Respectable Credit Enterprise”, “Shandong Province Honesty Enterprise” and “Shandong Province Fine Management Model Enterprise”, in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the company has paid taxes of over 10 million for three consecutive years, and was rated as a taxpayer and an advanced taxpayer. The total number of employees is 275, and 86 are engineers and technicians, accounting for 32% of the total number of employees, including 10 senior titles and 18 intermediate titles. The product has a market share of 27%. Shandong Province ranks first in the heavy truck industry and is a leading company in the industry.

      The company has more than 100 sets of various production equipment and three automatic production lines. Among them: the introduction of three Japanese brazing production lines; a German high-frequency aluminum pipe production line, has formed a production capacity of 1 million sets of various types of radiators. More than 100 varieties have been developed each year, and the development period of single product is no more than two weeks. It has been supplied to major manufacturers such as China National Heavy Duty Truck, FAW, Second Automobile, Shaanxi Automobile, Sichuan Automobile, Beiqi Foton, Anhui Hualing, and North-Benz, and has exported VOLVO (Volvo) and SKANIYA (Stenia) in batches. Intercoolers to the US, Canada and Europe markets.

      Since the establishment of the company, its comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced and its management level has been continuously improved. Production and manufacturing equipment, testing equipment means increasingly sophisticated, developed a complete set of quality management control system for materials inspection and product inspection, so that the quality of the company continues to improve, through the ISO / IATF16949 international quality management system certification. The company actively promotes refined management and uses ERP system to promote the integration of informationization and industrialization. The company has established enterprise technology research and development center, product quality testing center, joint research institute, etc. It has strong technical force, strong design and development capabilities, and can skillfully use CAD, CAXA, ProE, Solidworks and other three-dimensional software for product design. The University, Shanghai University of Technology, and Tongji University have established a joint research institute to raise the company's production, research and research to a new level.

      In the past three years, the company has continuously increased the investment in R&D, and the proportion of R&D investment has increased year by year. The huge investment and continuous technological innovation have brought great returns to the company. The company has developed the “high reliability radiator heat pipe technology”. "No power self-circulating LED cooler" and "efficient intercooler technology" have passed the appraisal and acceptance of new products and new technologies, and the domestic professional and technical level is in the forefront.

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