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What is the difference between a car radiator and a condenser?

The radiator is specially designed for the heat dissipation of the car engine. The hot water flowing inside is the circulating water coming out of the car engine.

The condenser is designed for use in the summer cooling of automotive air conditioners. The air conditioner is air-cooled.

The car condenser and radiator are actually the same thing, that is, the outdoor unit of the home air conditioner, the condenser is written in the name, and the radiator is commonly known as the heat sink for cooling.

The function of the condenser:

The car condenser cools and liquefies the high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant (gaseous refrigerant) sent from the compressor. The condenser will release the heat obtained by the refrigerant from the air passing through the evaporator, which will be completed by the air flow when the vehicle moves and the air flow created by the cooling fan. It is a condensation process, so it is called a condenser, and condensation is also The process of heat dissipation.